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What makes our script different?

It’s real, it works, it’s stable, it’s customizable, and you can administer every aspect of it.

It’s more than just a claim. The script is indeed fully functional, and you can test it using the live demo. That website is an actuall installation that has been upgraded using the latest patch available. This is just another test for the stability of our system, as the demo is completely stock - it even uses the actual system for user management to limit the access to the admin panel.

Stability has been the main idea behind all our scripts. They are all intended to have multiple concurrent users online - and we’re talking about hundreds and thousands of people using each website at the same time. To make this possible our developers have spent many hours optimizing the code so that each click made on your website results in the minimum load on the server possible. This, combined with the special cache technology, makes for a lightning-fast website, even with many concurrent users.

What you try (the demo) is actually less than what you get. When you purchase your license you receive the complete installation package with the full privileges enabled by default for the administrator.

To top it all off - if you need any extra functionality, a layout or design update - we can develop those for you. All you need to do is email us with your requirements, and we will reply with our estimate within one business day. The more detailed your inquiry - the more realistic our offer will be.


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