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What can you do with Pintastic?

Pintastic is a great way to create communities, promote your ideas and products and earn money

Share your favorites, amuse your friends, create communities, promote products and services, earn money and more!

Found an interesting website, a cool new idea, a quick recipe? Share them on Pintastic. Pin the post to your public boards, and let the other users like, comment or share it.

Made a video? Help it go viral. Pintastic supports tens of different video hosts - from YouTube and Vimeo to a number of adult video hosts.

Pintastic can also be used as a community website for a special interest group, or as a marketing tool to promote your products and services. Thanks to the script’s capability to gather the prices of each product, you will be able to display an image with the pricing information and description in a single pin within seconds. Using the PinIt button can turn the bulk pinning a pleasant task.

Thanks to the complete integration with Facebook and Twitter your posts could be shared to the social networks in a click.

You can also earn money directly by charging your users for setting their pins with VIP status, or introducing ads. By using the banner system you can add multimedia and text banners (including Google ads) on fixed positions among the pins.

If you are interested in adding a specific functionality to your website to give you that extra edge - Amexi will be the best partner by providing the custom change that you need.

This platform can be used for almost anything

the only limit is your own imagination.

Listed below are some Pinterest clone websites – check them out: – a complete clone. – a web site for travelers. – a male exclusive resource – a travel recommendations website. - A Pinterest clone for designers. – a video-sharing website. – a fashion-related website! – fashion-themed website. – pet oriented website

Which is the next website on this list? It can be yours!

So be creative. Now that you have the great script as a tool, all you need is imagination!

Order your here and now!

If you already have a great idea and you want to make it happen – we will be happy to help you out. Please contact us and we will get back to you with an estimate within 1 business day.


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I am happy to have found Pintastic! This is a great community-building tool with so many fantastic features!


I requested a custom design for my website and got more than I expected - thanks Pintastic team!


I got a Pinterest crawler to fill up my website, and within a few hours about 30 new members signed up, posting over 500 comments.


“I am a singer and use Pintastic to popularize my new songs on the market and to stay in touch with my fans. It's quick and easy, and I can do it all by myself!