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Get a native iOS for your Pintastic v.3!
Get a native iOS for your Pintastic v.3!

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Pinterest Clone Script - Pintastic by Amexi

The new version of our famous Pinterest clone script builds up on the success and features of the previous releases and ads even more features, and new modules. In addition to being completely redesigned, Pintastic v.3 offers new opportunities for monetization, a PayPal module for instant payment, and features activation for your users. Our customers say that it has become fancier even than the original Pinterest script.

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    User shopping cart

    In previous versions of our script all monetization options were available for purchase off-site. Users can now conveniently add sibscriptions, statuses and other perks into their shopping cart directly on the site. PayPal checkout is a fast and secure way for the site owner to earn his money.


    Color filter

    Another new feature is the color filter. The system automatically selects the most prevalent color in a pin image, and stores it into the database. The pins is then associated with a color. Viewers can select the color they are looking for, and all pins in the site with this color will be displayed. This will be very useful for fashion and art communities.


    New and improved design

    Since everything else in Pintastic v.3 was already better, we decided to celebrate this by updating the design as well. Contemporary, clean, streamlined, focusing on the content, the new layout remains intuitive and shows even more while reatining all the great Pintastic features.


    Featured pins

    There are pins, and then there are featured pins. If you need a pin to be seen by everyone - making it a featured one is the way to go! Featured pins always display at the top of the pin listings, whether they are in Everything or Newest filters, or within a board. They are also a cool and simple way to earn money of user subscriptions.


    Animated GIF support

    Pintastic v.3 also supports animated GIF images. Whether a small avatar, or a converted video segment, your upload will be correctly resized and displayed in both large pin listings and pin detail pages. This feature is one more tribute to our loyal customers that have supported us ever since our first Pinterest clone hit the market.


    Multilanguage support

    Version 3 is the first trully multilanguage Pintastic. The new system can be translated to as many languages as you want. Admins can set the default language for unregistered users. Visitors can switch language to view the site in from the main menu. Registered users can change the language for their own accoun in the profile settings.


    Module-based system

    The new version of Pintastic is completely module-based. Any wew functionality will be added as a module. This will enable even sites with custom work done to be updated with standard patches without overwriting the changes made.


    PayPal integration

    How to make money from your system? The complete PayPal integration helps you charge your users for custom services, subscriptions and perks. Users then checkout securely using PayPal and instantly activate them. Please note no payment credentials are stored within the system.


    Unlimited [sub]categories

    One more customer request that we have realized in the new version: unlimited number of category and subscategories levels will make it easier for your users to organize all the cool stuff they find and add to the site. The administrators have complete control over the hierarchy from within the admin panel.


    Power users

    Award your most active subscribers by promoting them to power users! They will be followed by all new members of your site, and their pins will display a symbol for the distinguished rank. This is also an excellent revenue tool - the Power user status can be purchased as a subscription.


    Smart search*

    We updated the search engine - now that it is smarter it will display more relevant results. When you are looking for a "sports car" the search will first display results that contain "sports car" in their title/description, then unique results with "sports" and finally - unique items containing "car". *Requires MySQL 5.6 to be installed on the server.


    SEO-centered system

    Pintastic v.3 has been created with SEO in mind. Beyond meta information for each info page, category, board and pin, there are now separate meta tags for each individual language.


    Up to 10 times faster than v.2

    The new Pintastic v.3 is really quick. Pages load up to 10 times faster than they do in the previous version thanks to slimmer queries and a new, quicker search engine, perfected after almost 2 years of evolutionary optimizing. There are several types of smart cache available - the administrator can pick and activate one from his control panel.

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“The mobile version is great! I can keep up with all the updates from my members at all times! Thanks!”


I got a Pinterest crawler to fill up my website, and within a few hours about 30 new members signed up, posting over 500 comments.


“PinGram is a great way to enjoy pics on the go and share fun with friends and family. The images are hosted on Instagram and the site is lightning fast!"